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Bring up a well balanced dog

It is crucial a puppy is brought up well to avoid future problems, but what constitutes well in terms of behavioural development?

Before deciding a problem is behaviourally based, it is important that an underlying medical condition is ruled out, so a trip to the vet is always a good idea as a first port of call.

Quite often a failure to understand the dog can cause difficulties, and a little knowledge of body language can go a way to helping.

Aggression, fearful aggression, phobias, submissive urination and other problems can all be helped by behavioural therapy.

Gwen Bailey's website offering behavioural advice

The above link will take you to, a website run by Gwen Bailey offering some advice on common problems.

I can help you deal with the situation by providing advice and support through a consultation and subsequent remedial advice.

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