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I graduated with a first class honours degree in biological sciences in 2001 from Napier University in Edinburgh. I was awarded the University Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Biological Sciences. My degree followed the Animal Behaviour and Biology route.

I then furthered this with a post graduate diploma then Master of Science in 2002, reading Wildlife Biology and Conservation.

Although studying animal behaviour at university has taught me a great deal, it is my natural affinity with dogs which allows me to understand, and work well with them.

I have two dogs, a large German Shepherd called Mishka, which means teddy bear in russian, and my rottie, daisy who came to me by chance through working at the PDSA... 

As is probably evident from the site, I have worked a lot with sled dogs.I spent the season from 2003 to 2004 running dogs on the finnish side of the russian border. I helped to train and care for all of the 52 dogs there.

Dogs have saved my life on a few occasions now and I am eager to repay the debt.

I won the 2004 jongunverran 4 dog class race in Finland in January 2004, an international two day event of 80km, beating my nearest class competitor by over an hour.

I am now currently studying in Aberdeen, training to be a doctor.


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