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happy dalmationMy name is Alan Brunton, and I work in both the behaviour and training of dogs.

I have been working with dogs for over 18 years now, and have not only good practical experience, I have a first class honours degree in Animal Biology and Behaviour, so you can trust that I know exactly what i'm talking about!

So you are having some problems with your dog? Don't worry about it, it's unlikely that we cant improve the problem, no matter how bad you think it is!

I am currently based both in Aberdeen and Carnoustie, so can arrange for consultations within around 15 miles of each location. Outwith that i'll unfortunately have to add on a little for the time and expense of travel.

Get in touch, we'll arrange a time that's convenient for your consultation and i'll come to you. The consultation costs £35 and will normally last somewhere between an hour and two. Get those problems sorted out now!

With regards,

Alan Brunton, April 2009

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