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I have 2 dogs, a male German Shepherd called Mishka (which means teddy bear in russian) who I have been lucky enough to have had since he was a pup, he is now 5. Mishka is everything you would expect from a GSD, loyal, attentive, stoic and reliable.



Daisy is 2 years Mishka's junior to the day, they both celebrate their birthdays on valentine's day. Daisy came along when she was around 6 months old, brought in to the PDSA with a broken back leg, ribs and spirit;courtesy of an unappreciative previous owner. After a spell with us at the hospital, she began to open up a little but was then taken straight from ourselves (by the owner) to the local kennels as with a broken leg she was now unwanted.



Poor Mishka puts up with so much...


With a cast on her leg, the poor girl had to be kept in the kennels for a further week, with minimal exercise and little company. After convincing my parents (who regularly look after my dogs when im away) they should come and look at this poor lab cross (mother had a thing against rotties-but i knew if she saw her she would rethink..) we took her home. A little 'defensive' at first, Daisy has now settled in well, and is the comfort dog of the household, who likes nothing german shepherd and rottweiler carnoustiebetter than ear rubs, hoovering food and stealing anything Mishka has.









I wont sit





Mishka is cramped in the biggest bed available!






sleeping rottweiler

Catchin some z's at a party.






rottweiler dog in fancy dress dressed as an ewok, or teddy bear.


Daisy dressed as an ewok.




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